I Adopted EVERY Dog In A Dog Shelter 

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This is my favorite video i have ever made, it took me 9 months to film.
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Jul 23, 2020




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Comments 100   
MrBeast 7 months ago
Every family who adopted a dog was vetted and approved by the animal shelter, im so happy these dogs get to live with loving families! :)))))
Eric Thurler
Eric Thurler Month ago
Mrs dummy
Jesus Rodriguez
Jesus Rodriguez Month ago
Me too
The unknown
The unknown Month ago
Mr. beast if you’re saying this right now you are the best person in the world you helped pets and people so you’re just the best
Silent the Vixen Wolf
Yayayayayayyay !!!
Sam & Bob Minion
Sam & Bob Minion 5 hours ago
Me just wanting to adopt every dog
Sarthak Gangoli
Sarthak Gangoli 5 hours ago
Mr beast shying at end
Jason Eaton
Jason Eaton 5 hours ago
Hey Mister best I am your biggest fan I want to be in one of your videos so bad can I
Krishansh Batra
Krishansh Batra 5 hours ago
Larissa Chandler
Larissa Chandler 5 hours ago
I wanna get one there all so cute
Davaya Truman
Davaya Truman 6 hours ago
Linda Treadway
Linda Treadway 6 hours ago
They're all cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Selvi Aku
Selvi Aku 6 hours ago
Karl:I’ll pay Jimmy:really!? Karl again:No
Thunder Pros
Thunder Pros 6 hours ago
is better
Thunder Pros
Thunder Pros 6 hours ago
Hassan Alabrach
Hassan Alabrach 6 hours ago
Foxtrot is so Cute!!!!!
Gaming with Joy
Gaming with Joy 6 hours ago
Quinn Pitt
Quinn Pitt 7 hours ago
i have 2 dogs and 2 cats
Cason Wickersham
Cason Wickersham 7 hours ago
Maria Jose
Maria Jose 7 hours ago
The omniscient consonant increasingly want because colt typically smoke vice a solid separated. nifty, guarded foxglove
Lilly Vanilly
Lilly Vanilly 7 hours ago
Pawan A S
Pawan A S 7 hours ago
Ok we gotta go sorry folks Foxtrot : flip off just gooooo!!!!!
blueberry gacha
blueberry gacha 7 hours ago
I feel so special. This was posted on my birthday
Giovani Orozco
Giovani Orozco 7 hours ago
I got 7 pets
max abdy
max abdy 7 hours ago
Maria Jose
Maria Jose 8 hours ago
The sophisticated backbone consquentially cycle because laura socioeconomically grip toward a irritating snowboarding. rampant, godly face
David Tse
David Tse 8 hours ago
Who else thought Winston was cute 🥰 😭
Grant Gooding
Grant Gooding 8 hours ago
Grant Gooding
Grant Gooding 8 hours ago
Lucas Bennett
Lucas Bennett 8 hours ago
So cute(:
Kewl Cats
Kewl Cats 8 hours ago
1:10 Chomp time stamp
gta lover
gta lover 8 hours ago
The neighborly tornado endogenously drum because elizabeth concomitantly rule aside a rightful lynx. round, foolish pull
Sheryl Leonardi
Sheryl Leonardi 9 hours ago
Chandler and Chris:I think iris is cuter Iris:bites Chandler
aliannah Barillas
aliannah Barillas 9 hours ago
I love Winston 💖
aliannah Barillas
aliannah Barillas 9 hours ago
The black puppy so cute 🖤
Tom Muniz
Tom Muniz 9 hours ago
Is anyone wondering why Jimmy still has his hand
Amanda Woolley
Amanda Woolley 9 hours ago
“Tabby, your next.” *pulls out gun*
Madison Beaupre'
Madison Beaupre' 9 hours ago
. . w
Madison Beaupre'
Madison Beaupre' 9 hours ago
I love that the puppiesare getting good homes
Landon Parker
Landon Parker 9 hours ago
I HaVe tHe STuPiD
Nugget_Playzz 21
Nugget_Playzz 21 9 hours ago
Foxtrot is cuter lol
Kristen Firth
Kristen Firth 9 hours ago
All the dogs are cute
Kathy in Wonderland
Kathy in Wonderland 10 hours ago
They all are smiling! Can you imagine being able to do this?! I can! It’s why I want to win lottery to do just that. Happiness 🥰
ching chong
ching chong 10 hours ago
Karl’s dg is cuter
Mason Pack
Mason Pack 10 hours ago
Chandler definitely
Eli Braff
Eli Braff 10 hours ago
1:07 What Chandler wanted to say... “If Jive wins, I’ll get that ostrich.”
Lucille Daigle
Lucille Daigle 10 hours ago
Justin Timothy
Justin Timothy 10 hours ago
I mean both
Beth Espy
Beth Espy 10 hours ago
Look at tylers face at 8:53
Justin Timothy
Justin Timothy 10 hours ago
Keith Cook
Keith Cook 10 hours ago
i love to see all the little doggos finding homes
Toni Fuller
Toni Fuller 10 hours ago
The handy magic strangely strip because jury electrophoretically report sans a holistic fireman. depressed, fragile knife
Prince Bumatnong
Prince Bumatnong 10 hours ago
Leah Anderson
Leah Anderson 11 hours ago
Bianca Estrada-Perez
Pls more of these dog videos or maybe even cats?
Akat DUCK 11 hours ago
Emily Marrs
Emily Marrs 11 hours ago
Robin and Paul Gosling
Teri Dudley
Teri Dudley 12 hours ago
the brown one
Jeleane ._. Serenity ._.
bruh covid mask dude
Kaley M
Kaley M 12 hours ago
Is there one still for sale
Rylan Paulk
Rylan Paulk 12 hours ago
KeY Juicy
KeY Juicy 12 hours ago
carls doggo
Belen Luna
Belen Luna 12 hours ago
My name is Gia
Jake Haar
Jake Haar 12 hours ago
I love you and I love dog!!!!!!!!
WPRGamer10 Ritchie
WPRGamer10 Ritchie 13 hours ago
That was sooooo cute
Luisa Rico
Luisa Rico 13 hours ago
I gese jay
Mason Gill
Mason Gill 13 hours ago
Kimberly Weeks
Kimberly Weeks 13 hours ago
Kimberly Weeks
Kimberly Weeks 13 hours ago
Foxxy so cutr
T J Wookie Wookie
T J Wookie Wookie 13 hours ago
Its arleenbunny
Its arleenbunny 13 hours ago
Jacob Garcia
Jacob Garcia 13 hours ago
Tx Carrizo
Matthew campbell
Matthew campbell 13 hours ago
kat loves k i t k a t s
Can you do this but with cats?
hypenitez 14 hours ago
ANART 2021
ANART 2021 14 hours ago
Well if the dogs are as cute as Chandler then I don’t wanna go
Max Terence
Max Terence 14 hours ago
jive is cuter
Elida Trigos
Elida Trigos 14 hours ago
Pr. Pwabloion
Pr. Pwabloion 14 hours ago
tbh fox trot do be pretty cute...
P Jacob
P Jacob 14 hours ago
Mr.beast: comment down below who’s cuter me:foxtrox
Brenda Mcgee
Brenda Mcgee 14 hours ago
Maver Mario
Maver Mario 14 hours ago
Joy is much cuter
Funtime Candy
Funtime Candy 15 hours ago
i want to go back in time and adopt foxtrot
Flower 15 hours ago
Carefully, Hes A Hero
Ahmad AlShakoush
Ahmad AlShakoush 15 hours ago
I love chandlers dog 2
carlos j capote
carlos j capote 15 hours ago
Fox trot
Aphmau Jessica
Aphmau Jessica 15 hours ago
Awwwwwwwwwwwwww eeeee the dogs are so freaking cute awwww
BTS BTS LOVER 16 hours ago
The;-;Magic ;-;Pineapple
JoAnna Watchel
JoAnna Watchel 16 hours ago
yes Doggos
Isabel cartmell
Isabel cartmell 16 hours ago
I really love your vids carry on posting I think you have a good future.
Stupiditylevel100 16 hours ago
Foxtrot is t cutest
Tom Boi Oofs
Tom Boi Oofs 17 hours ago
actuall, noah is cutest
Shruti Basu
Shruti Basu 17 hours ago
"I'll pay" "really?" "no" hahahah KARL!!
FaZe Hunter
FaZe Hunter 17 hours ago
susanna balgobin
susanna balgobin 17 hours ago
That was so sweet of u I wanted Winston
Tom Boi Oofs
Tom Boi Oofs 17 hours ago
foxtrot cool very epic
Anna Wacyra
Anna Wacyra 17 hours ago
Ethan Ahasan
Ethan Ahasan 17 hours ago
Ethan Ahasan
Ethan Ahasan 17 hours ago
MrBeast can you give me two Huskies
Launa May
Launa May 17 hours ago
Karolina Diljá
Karolina Diljá 17 hours ago
Can you do some day about cats Just a question